March 19, 2015
Monday, 2:50PM

      Blessings. The life that I live is a blessing. I am eternally grateful for the life that I live: my family, my children, my career, and my ability to write music.
      When I was going to nursing school in 2007 I discovered the specialty in which I desired to work. This specialty is Labor and Delivery. In December of last year, I started working within this specialty. Prior to finally getting a job in this specialty I worked hospice for three years and medical-surgical for three years. My previous nursing experience matured me greatly and prepared me well for my current specialty.
      What brought me to realization that Labor and Delivery was my intended specialty in nursing? It was the joy that filled my heart when I was able to help a mom during the delivery of her infant in nursing school. That one delivery inspired me. I had my reservations about it due to the rarity of men working in the specialty. Even within the field of nursing men are not very common. However, male nurses working in Labor and Delivery are the most rare. It's almost as rare as women offensive linemen in football! However, knowing that God was pulling me towards this specialty I had no choice but to listen eventually!
      Getting the position working as a Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery was the best thing that has happened in my nursing career. I am so very grateful.
      With this current update brings two songs that should have been added some time ago. The first song is an original composition titled Come On In, a dark sounding electronic piece with a cheery subject: hot cocoa! The second piece is a remix of one of my favorite video game songs from the 1987 Sega Master System release of Quartet titled The Dancing Bat. Both are also on YouTube and Soundcloud. Please, have a listen!
      Currently I am working on a very important piece of music that will take quite a while to complete, especially considering the fact that I have a full time job, am raising a family, and frequently have a packed schedule.

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December 16, 2015