Name The Dancing Bat (Quartet Remix)
Genre Remix, Jazz
Legnth 3:36
Program FL Studio 11
Instruments MM8 Accoustic Grand Piano
DirectWave Korg Square
Sytrus Short PWM Synth
DiretWave T-Bird Bass
Kontakt Funk Bass
Wasp XT Wired Saw
DirectWave Staccato Trumpet
DirectWave Trumpeted
Sytrus 4 Drawbars Organ Synth
Drum sounds assembled into FPC

Story Behind the Music
      I must admit that this piece was not as successful at producing what I wanted than I had hoped. However, the music that resulted is still very good. I made a very deliberate attempt to select all of the instruments and sounds prior to writing one note. The only instrument I added after the initial selection was an organ.
      The overall feel of the original was a fast dance. I slowed down the pace and integrated more jazz elements with solos. I made a good first attempt at a drum solo. I love how the sounds mesh together. The bassline is the unifying portion of the song and, as such, is more repetitive than I would prefer.
      I am pleased with the overall result, giving a personal rating of 4/5. Writing this piece has given me more experience that I will gladly take.