February 24, 2007
Saturday at 1:28AM

      I have started the Spring 2007 semester at Riverside Community College. I am one semester away from being able to be in the Nursing program. Time has been flying by really fast! My schedule is back to full time. Now... if only I had more time to work upon my Microbiology studying...
      An hour here and there has allowed me to finally update tonal bliss under God. I have recorded and carefully edited the soundtrack and quickly compiled the credits to Shinobi 3 Return of the Ninja Master in the latest update. This soundtrack is one that is suitable for blasting in your car driving around town. Make sure to roll your windows down so that everyone around you knows just how much of a nerd you are. Don't forget to smile, too!
      I do plan to have another update coming up in the next couple of weeks. There is no doubt that updates have been really slow in the last year. I intend in keeping tonal bliss under God around for as long as I possibly can. This website is a hobby of mine and I really enjoy taking care of it.
      What plans do you think that I have for this website? Well, the first one is another soundtrack. Other more general ones are adding preliminary scores to games that have not been reviewed yet and to correct current and write new articles in the Belief section. I want to write a video game review sometime, too. There are many things that can be done, if you have any suggestions then please stop by the website's forum. Thank you!

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