January 6, 2007
Saturday at 1:00AM

      Who knew? I only updated this website three times last year. In the year prior, though, I updated this website 27 times, some of which that were huge! Well, it's an indication of a change in the times. Sega has died on me. Shenmue is left incomplete. I moved out of the house I grew up in. I no longer want to develop videogames as a living. Website development is now only done sometimes.
      Negative changes aside. I'm glad I left behind my childhood dream of videogame development when I did! Sega almost never makes good games, Electronic Arts have utterly obliterated Westwood Studios and swallowed the NFL license. New systems today cost three times as much as the Dreamcast did when it was released in September 1999. Where do I place videogaming now? I place it in my heart and continue to tinker with it as a hobby.
      What is truly needed is a growth in faith. While videogaming can be a hobby, God shall always be the center focus of my life. My initial Godly purpose to develop videogames was to make games to make society better. Since I cannot do this, I can make society better by helping those most in need; I do so by being a nurse. A nurse!? Well, I'm still a guy, don't worry *checks to make sure* yup, still a guy.
      I also spread God's love by eventually marrying the love of my life. I will be doing this once I graduate as a Registered Nurse (RN). God willing, I will have a family! I love children more than I would have ever known I would. Thus, I'm considering being either a Neonatal or Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.
      In short, life is great although it presents difficulties. God gave his life for us through a bloody and tortuous crucifixion: I need to give thanks! Thanks be to God!

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February 24, 2007