May 20, 2007
Saturday at 1:28AM

      Finally! Version 3.322 has now been released. What is included in this version update? The following things are what has been done:
      Restoration of Game Music: In the last version update (3.321) I removed soundtracks to game music to respect game composers, developers and companies. Although that ideal is still a good one, it doesn't hold water against the benefits of having full soundtracks available for download. Firstly, the games that I have music for are usually old so current game companies do not take notice. Secondly, composers want their music to be heard and having the soundtracks available helps this happen. Thirdly, video game fans like having downloads to entire soundtracks. Thus, you can definitely see the benefits to having the soundtracks available.
      Removal of the Self Section: This section cludders up the website and is really not useful nor interesting. The only part that was good in that section was the dedication to my deceased nephew Connor. I can revive that memorial of him at a later time in a different form. Removal of this section helps visitors remain interested in the quality content of this site.
      Sonic the Hedgehog 2 soundtrack: Along with the re-addition of all game soundtracks is the addition of a new one, that of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This is a quality recording that fits together nicely with the version update.
      What is going on in SegaMon's life? Well, I have been hard at work in school and at my new job at the pizza place delivering pizzas! After completing my 12 units this semester, I will be visiting my parents in Colorado then taking 7 units of classes in summer school. The classes I'll be taking in the summer are transfer courses to Cal State Fullerton. Pray for me while I continue to work hard on my education and work! God bless you and enjoy the version update!

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