May 10, 2006
Monday at 4:10PM

      It has all happened. In January, I moved out of the house I grew up in. In February, I decided to remain in California. In March, I decided to attend California State University, San Bernardino in Fall 2006. In April, I became 21 years old. Now, in May, I have decided to attend the Summer Intercession at Riverside Community College. Throughout this time of change I have had a great woman helping me by my side. Updating this website was fun, it allowed me to remember why 'tonal bliss under God' is so important.
      Thus, I have updated the website with a little bit of music. The music is only two pieces for the Sega Dreamcast game Sega Rally 2.
      I have become complacent to this website. This is the first update since December of 2005! I started working upon version 3.33 of the website, but the project is no longer in progress. Sometime I will get back to working upon that version.
      For the time being, though, should there be anything that I can update the site with, then I will be more than happy to work on it. I'll keep you guys updated. Don't forget, the forum is still up and working great! I check it very often, so drop me a line!
      Once time becomes stable, expect some more things to come. Be patient as I have asked visitors many times before. Thank you for visiting.

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