February 6, 2006
Monday at 10:47PM

      It certainly has been a time of massive action. Has this massive action been directed towards this website? No.
      In the last month I have seen many things happen. I have moved from my house of 20 years to the house of my aunt and uncle, started a job at a grocery store, and will soon start school.
      There was also another road-block preventing me from working on the website. I have not had steady internet access for the past three weeks. This means that I had no way to update the website.
      I still plan to complete v3.33. When this will happen is unknown. These last two months have yeilded some unexpected twists and turns. My commitment to this website will not die out. The only thing that can change is how this website changes throughout time. This website molds to my very consciousness.
      Once time becomes stable, expect some more things to come. Be patient as I have asked visitors many times before. Thank you for visiting.

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May 10, 2006