November 15, 2006
Wednesday at 12:39AM

      Life is just fine. There are problems, certainly. Am I determined to always do the right thing and to never give up? Absolutely! I'm preparing for a future with a new family. Currently, the mission, in this order, is to become a Registered Nurse, married and a great father and family member. Right now, it is obvious, I'm working upon the nursing part of the mission of life.
      You might have already noticed: I'm no longer wanting to develop video games as a career. Instead of going to Cal State San Bernardino, I'm still attending Riverside City College. Further, I now work for Best Buy as a Geek!
      I have planned to record some Streets of Rage 2 music for this website, but have never gotten around to it considering my busy non-computer schedule. When I am able to record that soundtrack, then you will certainly be blessed with a quality update. Thanks for visiting the website!


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May 10, 2006