September 9, 2005
Friday at 3:44PM

      First of all, I would like to send a sincere "Happy Birthday" to my brother Benjamin Schmenk, a major influence of my own ideology of life and music, who is now 28 years old. He has been a shining example as to how one can live responsibly. He now has been married to Marna for over two years and has two beautiful twin children, Elise Rebecca and Logan Patrick. Happy birthday bro!
      Announcement: What about an update? No. When I started the Fall 2005 semester I agreed to let go of a few obligations. This website is among the obligations that I decided to let go. Although I may be able to update the website sometimes, such a thing comes second to school. If school has been accomplished and I feel that it is appropriate to update the website, I will.
      During this time of silence, which will last into mid-December of this year, 2005, I have planned to accomplish one important thing upon this website. Throughout the semester I will correct grammar and spelling errors in the website. These errors are a consistant plague upon this website and must be conquered with an iron fist. You, the readers, will not be notified of the grammatical and spelling corrections since they do not change the content of the site.
      Another planned enhancement to the website will be the addition of META tags in all of the content-oriented web pages. This is so that search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, will be able to find each of my website's pages. This will improve the amount of visitors to this website.
      If there are any comments, please feel free to email me or to post in the website's forum. I must set my priorities straight. School, right now, is extremely important.
      On a lighter note, the Dreamcast turns 6 today! The Sega Dreamcast was released on September 9, 1999 and was considered a huge success. You can visit the Sega Dreamcast section of the Game Pages to remember the glorious days of the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast was glorious not because it had a short time of economical success. The Dreamcast was glorious because of the great games that were released for the system. Jet Grind Radio, Skies of Arcadia, Shenmue and Shenmue 2 are just to name a few. The Dreamcast will continue to live in my heart. It will always live in my heart.

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