August 31, 2005
Wednesday at 12:50AM

      When the sun comes up this morning, the Fall 2005 semester will be upon me. I had to think of something that I could do to my website really quick. This wouldn't be something small, either. I decided to add not just the bare minimum of the new game I got for Dreamcast, Re-volt, but a complete page! This includes a full review, soundtrack, credits, main page, logo, scans and all six screenshots. It didn't take me very long since I had a lot of fun doing it. Check it out guys!
      Now that school is on, how much time will I have to attend to my website that I have worked so hard on? *kisses screen of website* I do not know for sure. I do know, however, that the amount of time will be cut drastically. I have 18 units at Riverside Community College and that will definitely eat a lot of time. The amount of homework is the main question. Anatomy-2A will have the most homework... no wait! Japanese 3 will! Nah, that can't be, History 7? What about Math 53? Well, and C++ Programming? WHAT!? Okay, calm down.
      Regardless of time available for this website, what is truly important is that I keep up upon my school work. No website will keep me from obtaining great grades in school! Now... what game should I go onto next?

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