October 30, 2005
Monday at 9:27PM

      Things are crumbling all around me. I will be leaving Riverside, CA, my hometown since birth. I will be transferring from Riverside Community College to a different college. I will be moving out of the house I have lived in for 20 years. I will relocate from the room I am now in to a foreign state, Colorado.
      While moving can be a positive experience, it can also be a frustrating one filled with uncertainty. One downside of relocation is the disruption of normalcy. These disruptions are going to finally catch up to running my own server. Within the next month, all things will be removed from the house to install flooring in the entire house. This includes the removal of the server from my room. While a possibility of placing the server on the nearby window-sill, another month passing by will see the reality of a long-term disconnection of the server.
      If the server is disconnected, what will happen to the website? I will be buying online space once a few puzzles fall into place. Once I transfer my website to online space, I will disconnect the server that now runs the website.
      Alongside the issue of transferring the website to an online-hosting company is the issue of bandwidth. Will 100MB files be realistic? I doubt it. Thus, I announce the official decision to remove all soundtracks from the Sega Game Pages.
      This removal was not decided primarily because of bandwidth. Indeed, the primary reason is copyright infringement. As I continue to look forward to achieving my dream of developing video games, distributing fully copyrighted information from the world's largest developer is not a good idea.
      The removal of soundtracks will occur in the following update either prior to or simultaneous to the hosting change. No official date has been set, but please expect these things to happen within the next month.

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