November 05, 2005
Saturday at 1:47AM

      This website is now being hosted by This change will allow you to download content at a much faster rate. It will also allow the website to have a much lower down-time ratio. Altogether, this change benefits all those who are a part of tonal bliss under God.
      As was mentioned before, I have decided to remove the soundtracks to videogames from my website. This decision has now become reality. I will restore soundtracks whenever I get the permission to distribute them. For now, though, I currently have no permission to distribute any copyrighted material.
      I will still be moving to Colorado this winter, and I feel the day coming soon. So much is going to change. Due to this large change, I cannot assure you that updates will be forthcoming soon. What I can assure you of, though, is that I will return to improving this website eventually. When I do, you will surely hear about it.
      School continues to be a nuisance. Recent exams and upcoming projects have been flooding my schedule. Thank you for your patience I as I go through this buisy time of my life.

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November 24, 2005

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