November 24, 2005
Saturday at 12:54PM

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Happy birthday mom! Today is a great day. These past few weeks I have been acquiring come video games and finally most of them have found their own game pages on this website. Let's get to business.
      I added the game page for the Sega Dreamcast game Dynamite Cop with only the vital information and scans. I will be able to get the credits to this game easily, so expect to see such an update for this game shortly.
      A massively great port of the game Virtua Fighter 2 on the Sega Saturn has finally gotten it's own game page. These pages include music samples from the soundtrack, scans, information and credits. It's a big game that deserved some big attention. Go to the page now!
      A universally acclaimed titled developed by Sega Interactive for the Sega Genesis is Garfield: Caught in the Act. This game must have been sitting in the Game Crazy store for more than six months, so I finally decided to buy it.
      Using the cartridge-based SVP chip, the expensive Virtua Racing for the Sega Genesis broke new ground in Arcade to Genesis conversions. truly a jewel of the time, this game is something that all Genesis owners should have, unless, that is, they own the 32X or Saturn version of this game.
      Enjoy the updates for today. Now, I must go and eat some turkey! Later on, I'll be adding some Sega Saturn imported games that I bought over the internet. Please know, though, that my school semester has still not ended so please do not expect updates to occur rapidly. Make sure to voice off in the forum too!

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