December 20, 2005
Tuesday at 4:15PM

      It is now time for some massive action! I will be moving to Colorado in approximately one month and am working furiously towards v3.33 of the website.
      The moving process has been quite complicated. Even before I physically move, I will need to change my address, solidify plans with schools and eliminate doubts in my mind. I have been searching for information regarding the moving process recently. Information such as school locations, financial situations, study environment, weather, traffic and all others have all been munching on my self-esteem. I must conquer all doubts and accomplish my goals with an iron fist! I must not be lukewarm because my future hangs in the balance.
      An impending huge update will be forthcoming! What will tonal bliss under God v3.33 make improvements on? I'll list these things for you:
      1. 'Sega' section to become 'Games' section thus including all games in my collection.
      2. Removal of the 'Self' section to ensure less confusion.
      3. Correction of grammatical errors throughout entire website. This improvement will also include *.doc downloads to vital articles.
      4. An easy to use site map for all new visitors. This will be a link upon the 'Main' section's menu.
      I am still busy will all things not related to the website. While I will be working hard upon these improvements, some things will still slow the process down. Please be patient and expect good things to come in v3.33!


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November 24, 2005