March 21, 2005
Monday at 11:48PM

      It has been 44 days since the last update. The last update included two major things: a clean up of unwanted material and two full soundtracks. These two things have led me onto a project that is bigger than this website itself. This project is called the "Sega Game Pages." I have worked very hard on this project in those 44 days but I have only yielded 30% completion. At this rate, the "Sega Game Pages" could very well see a release in about 71 days from today (May 31, 2005). I will set the tentative release date of this project to be June 10, 2005, a Friday.
      The "Sega Game Pages" is applied to every game that I own in my collection and must be on a Sega branded system. Each game page will be required to have: music (atleast 2 pieces and a soundtrack if possible), scans and credits. Each game page is has certain qualities that are not required: review and extras.
      There will also be system pages to accompany the game pages and are included within the "Sega Game Pages." These system pages will include photos, history, specifications and optional extras and review.
      Please remain patient, my visitors. If you are a fan of video games then the wait will be well worth it. If you have any questions or comments then please email me or post a message in the forum. I always check the forum for any new posters. Thank you very much for visiting tonal bliss under God and may God bless you!

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