April 25, 2005
Monday at 12:04AM

      I thank all of you for your patience during the construction of the Sega Game Pages project! I can assure you that the project is still under construction and that it will be completed in an promptly fashion.
      I have an important announcement for those waiting for the release of the Sega Game Pages on June 10, 2005. The release date will be fulfilled regardless of the progress I have made on the project. I announce this because I have become increasingly worrisome that the project will not be completed by June 10th. This is a way of re-assuring myself and the public that content will be delivered on that day.
      Now that I got that out of the way I can let you know that I uploaded a true update today. I released another website for the Newman Catholic Student Fellowship club and have officially created a bio of the website in the art section. I hope that you enjoy the brand new content! May the love of God be with you!

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