February 5, 2005
Saturday at 3:08AM

      I have been tinkering with little things in this website here and there and have actually made some cosmetic changes to some pages in the site. Not only have there been cosmetic changes but there has been content removed from the site. I did this by deleting the website and replacing it with a slightly revised edition. Here I will list the changes that have been done today.
      Graphical changes: appearance of the "Sega Content" and "Sega Music" lists in the "Sega Section," many poems that just plain suck, combined the "Music as Art" section into one page, removed some "Music Influences." The last things that were deleted were things not viewable on the website but were cluttering the website's directories.
      Non-graphical changes: I reorganized the directories to this website so that I can update this website easier, faster and more efficiently. This forced me to rewrite the links to images throughout this website (mainly the "Sega Section"). This small but hard task helps this website remain a coherent structure for updating and improving features.
      Removed content: GYM and VGZ music from the "Sega Music" portion of the "Sega Section." Links to Sega websites from the top of the menu in "Sega Section." Links from "Self Section" were removed as well. I made a few typographical changes. I also changed many subdirectories so that the website would be easier to maintain.
      There was an obvious reason why I added nicer frames to list music and game scans but not so much the content. The reason that I removed all GYM and VGZ files from this website (other than those in the "Music Section") is because I was not the one to encode these. Although I gave credit to who actually created these files I cannot do them justice by distributing them on my own website. Another reason that I removed these files is because I want to save space and reduce bandwidth just incase many people decide to download at the same time. The focus of this website is what I have done and believe rather than what others do.
      I wish to let others know of these things all over the internet. This is why I have decided to work upon an extensive and constantly maintained "Link Page" rather than actually having these things on my website. I have also been working upon a "Site Map" for this website so that people may understand exactly what is on this website.
      I also added things to this website today. I added the entire Bangai-O and Fighters Megamix soundtracks since I was the one to record them. I also recorded and encoded into MP3 format my song Dug a Dot in the "Music Section." These updates show that I want to increase the content of this website by my own means since my resolve will never distinguish. As always, if you have any comments then stop by the forum and drop me a line!

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