June 10, 2005
Friday at 3:28AM

      The "Sega Game Pages" have finally been launched to the general public! Head on over to the Sega Section to check it out now!
      What has happened in the last six months of my life? Another semester of college gone by, a new job at Radioshack staffed, a major car accident ruining my 1994 Honda Accord LX and also the endless hours working on the "Sega Game Pages" project. I have been buisy so the work has been on and off. The completion ratio, I'd say, is about 35% complete. There are so many things to still do and the amount to do only grows when I buy new games.
      If you have any comments regarding this website or the "Sega Game Pages" then please visit the forum and drop me a line! Have fun with the new pages available to you!

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