June 20, 2005
Monday at 4:04PM

      I hope that you have enjoyed the few soundtracks that I have uploaded in the last week. I still have much more to do regarding soundtracks. Once I finish the tracks that I have ripped from actual CD audio then I will move on to the hardship of game credits. A new rule will be put into effect: no music or reviews without first completing the credits page.
      Moving on from the obvious updates, we can discuss what I have been doing recently. I have been going to work, Radio Shack, and have started the Summer 2005 intersession at the Riverside Community College Riverside Campus. I also sold a few of my old textbooks through Amazon.com! I have been buisy but I have also been enjoying myself.
      Please look forward to more updates regarding the Sega Game Pages project here at Tonal Bliss Under God! Thanks for visiting!

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