January 21, 2005
Monday at 1:32AM

      All I was doing was fooling around on the computer until an overly obvious idea hit me square in the head! Since I have 225 video games I should scan my entire collection so that it can be useful to the myself as well as the Sega fan community! I have started this project with the Sega Master System video games. I scanned every video game that I have a case with. The amount of games that I have a case with for the Sega Master System is a measely eight since the cases I used to have were thrown away by my parents a long time ago. Nonetheless, this project involved many hours and hard work to assemble the archives found in the new "Sega Content" portion of the Sega Section and my Game List.
      What is going on in the world of SegaMon today? The Sociology-1 class continues to strive on although there was a small fire in the classroom across from ours. I saw the fire and it cancelled one of our class meetings. I'm glad that everyone was safe from the danger of the fire but I am disappointed that the fire didn't postpone my class any further than it did, heh.
      I hope that you enjoy the update that has been worked on so long today. It might seem like a small update but anything that increases the content of this website is a very good thing. If you have any questions or concerns then please leave a message in the forum! Thanks.

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