January 10, 2005
Monday at 1:32AM

      Again with the video games! I have updated this website with a very interesting and in depth review. The game in question? The Genesis game developed by BlueSky and based off of the "Ren and Stimpy Show" titled Stimpy's Invention. The game is quite interesting for anyone interested in Genesis era video games and is especually fun for those that are fans of the cartoon show. I'm sure that you will enjoy it.
      What is going on in the world of SegaMon today? Well, I have started the winter 2005 intercession at RCC (Riverside Community College). I only have one class that I am attending titled "Sociology-1" and is taught by an extremely liberal democrat. Although I have nothing against democrats as people I cannot stand the generalizations of race, religion and organization association that this professor passes on to us. Unfortunately there would be absolutely no way to let him know about my concerns since he is very strict and a dominating person in any argument.
      I continue to plan to review the game Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System pending that I actually finish the game any time soon. I'll keep you posted on the forum. Thanks again for visiting 'tonal bliss under God' and enjoy your visit!

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