January 1, 2005
Saturday at 1:34AM

      Happy New Years everyone! Two updates in two days. What's next? Two long days of work in two days? Most definitly.
      Today I have finished and have updated this website with a compilation of re-born websites. Now you can see my passed websites in all of their glory. Go to the art section and you will find previous websites available for viewing. These websites range from my very first website "SegaVG" to a look at the BETA version of this current, version 3, "tonal bliss under God." This feauture will give you an idea of what my website history has been and will also give you a good perspective if you would like to create websites yourself.
      This update was long in comming but it is finally here. I truly hope that you will enjoy the *gasp* 102MBs of left-over websites of the past. And guests: please rest assured that more content is on the way. If you ever have any comments about this website than please post in the forum. I always want to hear feedback from those that visit this website to see what I can do to improve their experience. I know that I really enjoy my website but I'm not too sure about you guys out there. Thanks so much!

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January 10, 2005