August 28, 2005
Sunday at 12:05AM

      What could I have possibly been doing the last ten days? Here, I will tell you. I was working upon the server computer of this website extensively. This extensive, grueling and time-consuming work started as I started to delve into the idea of hosting my own forum. I found out about the appropriate programs: PHP, MySQL and PHPBB2 to integrate with the existing Apache2 on Windows XP.
      Taking approximately five days of fiddling here and there, while working upon my recreational computer too, I found out that the Windows XP interface of setting up a reliable home forum was impossible. I was able to load everything up but the forum worked horribly. What to do if Windows doesn't do the job? Linux.
      Linux is a very strong and dependable OS built around a programmer's and webmaster's ideology. Since I am new to Linux, I decided to use a friendly distribution called Mandriva Linux (also known as MandrakeLinux). I obtained release 10.1. I am very thankful for the help of online sources, especially that of SeBsZ and his Mandrake Linux Tutorial.
      I was finally able to figure it out and then installed it upon the server computer itself. I ran into a small problem, Linux is case sensitive and Windows is not. Thus I had to change many file names of this website to get it operating! The forum, titled "The Pub," is now open for buisiness. Make sure to let me know if there are any dead links! As always, let me know what's up and what you think of the website and updates to it. Thank you very much!

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