April 13, 2016
Wednesday, 3:15PM

      I am a family man, labor and delivery nurse, and musician.
      As a family man I have been busy! It takes a lot time to take care of four boys. My wife is now pregnant with our very first baby girl! I have always planned on having a larger family. I always knew that raising a larger sized family would be very difficult. However, the difficulties of raising a larger family have been quite apparent. It takes such a huge amount of time, dedication, patience, and love. However, the longer that I have this responsibility of parenting these children the more that I have grown to enjoy it. I certainly do get annoyed about the house being a disaster area, having such a miniscule time to spend alone, and having all of the money I worked so hard for get absorbed by a whole bunch of little mouths. However, having and raising children is an investment and my investment is growing! The fruits of my labor will be plentiful. I look forward to all of the years I have yet to be raising my children and to be experiencing family life.
      Being an extremely rare creature is something that is awesome. This is one cool aspect of working in labor and delivery as a Registered Nurse. I don't know any other male that does what I do! Working in this field of nursing is also enjoyable in its own right. Certainly, so many shifts are really difficult but I get such warm feelings of accomplishment! What I do at work makes a real difference to mothers, babies, and their families. There is so much awesome going on and I love it!
      Musicianship has played a distant third in my life for quite a while. However, my most recent piece of music makes me feel accomplished. Today I update this website with an orchestral remix to a theme song of one of my favorite video games, Populous. The game Populous was a very important game in the history of video games. It was the first "god-game" and solidified many gameplay elements found in today's real-time strategy (RTS) games such as War Craft and Command and Conquer. The main theme was composed by Rob Hubbard, a pioneer in video game music, who wrote great tunes for the Amiga. I had a lot of fun with this latest remix titled "The Battle Between Good and Evil." My next musical creation will likely be an original in the electronic genre. I am looking forward to my life-long experiences in the field of composing and producing music.