September 10, 2014
Wednesday, 9:33PM

      Although I have only a small amount of time to write music I have been able to squeeze in enough time to finish my latest song. This latest song is the remix of the main theme in the game Ghost House on the Sega Master System. The remix is titled Party in the Ghost House.
      I am a beginner when it comes to song writing and I am even more of a noob when it comes to mixing. However, the results are satisfactory in this song. I believe this to be the case especially considering how new most of this is to me. The great majority of my previous experience in song writing has been in notation software, mostly Noteworthy Composer, and not in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). I only had limited exposure to one DAW which was Digital Performer. I was not very fond of Digital Performer which was one of the number of reasons I became discouraged in music writing.
      I still find it to be such a blessing that I have been able to return to writing music although there were many times in which I felt that it was impossible. I truly hope that you enjoy this piece. I am looking forward to writing more music. I am planning on publishing a second album once I feel that my skill level warrants it. Please visit the forums too.

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September 2, 2014