September 2, 2014
Tuesday, 11:49AM

      I have been working on a remix of the main theme of a Sega Master System game Ghost House. I am still working on it until I am as fully satisfied with the sound as possible. However, I have posted the work in progress on Sound Cloud and am posting it here on Tonal Bliss.

      Listen to this work in progress at SoundCloud!
      I utilized more automation clips by changing the tempo and volumes, some layering to beef up the sound. I also utilized my MM8 synthesizer more than last time by layering it with other sounds. I have yet to place effects on the master and individual channels for this song. I also need to improve the sounds, transitions, and make the song more interesting overall. I am going to layer more sounds to make it more beefy and change up some of the song structure and beat to make it more interesting to listen to. I am not planning to haphazardly finish this song.
      At this time I have only been able to schedule writing music two days a week for 5-6 hour periods each. Writing music for only 10-12 hours per month makes it difficult to output enough songs but it is certainly a start.
      Please let me know what you think of this song by visiting the forum.

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