July 22, 2014
Monday, 8:23PM

      Writing music has been a very slow process. I am currently the sole provider for my family, working full-time at night, raising three children four years old and younger, have numerous projects of home improvement, and my wife is pregnant with our fourth child. This leaves me with little energy and desire to gather time to write music.
      The time that I have had writing music has mostly been about learning a new program. The only program that I felt that I had mastered was Noteworthy Composer. This program was centered around scoring rather than production. As such, it only played MIDI notes directly from a score. There were only a few MIDI controls that it could use.
      I currently am learning FL Studio 11. It is a program laid out very differently than Noteworthy Composer. It requires production experience and a good ear. It also is a program that requires some time to become accustomed to. I have a ton more to learn regarding this program. One inspiration for me has been Andrew Aversa (Zircon - zirconmusic.com), a power user of FL Studio 11.
      I have one song that I want to share right now. This song is tentatively titled "A Simple Structure." I named it such because I wanted to focus on a simple structure for the song. I tend to over-complicate the song structure. Play it below:

      I hope to finish this song. I know it doesn't sound all that great but it is certainly a start. Please sound off in the forums!

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