April 25, 2014
Friday, 3:51PM

      With the release of 3.41 is the return of Tonal Bliss Under God after six years of being away. At this time only the main and music sections remain. The focus of this website is to showcase my music as I create them.
      I now own a Yamaha MM8 synthesizer, MOTU MiniBook II USB 2 audio interface, and a Dell XPS desktop. I also bought Fruity Loops from Image Line. I work as a Registered Nurse at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton, am married to a wonderful wife, and three beautiful and active children. My life is busy but slowly I will create more music. Still featured are my Remorse; Nothing More and The Massacre music available through the improved menu on the left.
      In addition to adding music, I will also re-establish a forum and video game section centered around video game music (VGM).


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July 22, 2014