July 25, 2005
Monday at 12:01PM

      I promised to deliver a change to the Music, Poetry and Stories section; I have not yet done so. I promised to not work upon the Sega section until those sections are completed; I have not done so. I broke my promise and finished the Game Page to the Sega CD game Sonic CD. The completion of this Game Page includes the full credits and entire soundtrack of the USA verison. Although I broke a promise, any content is a good thing.
      The reason why I worked upon The Sega Game Pages was becuase I the reorganizing of just three sections has turned out to be a decidedly larger project. Now I will be updating the menu system of the website and reworking all of the content within the music, stories, art, poetry and self sections. I will keep you posted as to how this, yet another project, will affect you as a user of this website. As of now, I would have to assume that I will be able to release these improvements within a month's time.
      I may have to change other things too, so I will let you know if that happens. Please be patient while this process takes place. Also, as always, please post any suggestions or comments within the forum! Thank you for visiting!

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