August 8, 2005
Monday at 2:06AM

      What just happened? I finished the latest website restructuring approximately 15 days early! I wonder how this could have happened? Well, when I stated that I would release the Sega Game Pages on June 10, 2005 I believed that I would have atleast 50% of it completed. I didn't complete anything near that! I completed only about 35% of it! Thus I must have overestimated the amount of time required to finish this update. Maybe I'll get it right the next time I drastically improve my website? Only time will tell.
      The additions to the website are the menu restructuring, rescan and rendering of all my art, the entire available text to Remorse; Nothing More, rephrasing of prose poetry, categorization of Remorse; Nothing More poetry, completely new recording of my album The Massacre and some grammatical fixes to my stories. I also removed things from my website. I removed my horrible article regarding masturbation, all songs not feautured on my album The Massacre except the theme for Remorse; Nothing More, the entire story of Imagining Ray and a few experiences in the Self section. Are you happy with the changes? Are you angry with the changes? Voice away in the forum.
      I will be at a retreat from August 9 through 14, 2005 this upcoming week. The retreat is for Catholic youth leadership and I have no idea what to expect from it. Thank you all for your kind patience while I worked on this current update and please continue to have patience while I'm away on retreat.
      Following the retreat I plan to be working once again upon the Sega section. I've got some nifty little plans up my sleeve. You've better watch out!

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