September 9, 2007
Friday at 2:28AM

      The review to the game Soul Calibur had some pretty bad grammar and spelling. Thus, I have proof-read it and improved the grammar and spelling.
      Other than that, my parents are visiting here from Colorado. I am pretty happy to see them.
      Also, I have started the Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) program at my community college. So far, the program has been pretty fun. In a few weeks I will be starting clinical rotations! I can certainly see this program getting much harder in the weeks to come.
      My fiance' Heather has also started school. She is in two Early Childhood Education courses, a history class and a math class. She is pretty positive about her classes and is working hard towards getting good grades!
      I have plans for a few updates for this website. First, I want to release two game pages: Command and Conquer for the Saturn and Shadow Dancer for the Genesis. For both games, I plan on releasing sound tracks too. Thank you for visiting tonal bliss under God!

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