Name A Simple Structure
Genre Electronic
Legnth 3:46
Program FL Studio 11
Instruments Autogun - Aura
909 Drumset using FPC
Soundfont Wind Ensemble
FL Slayer
FLS Bass 02
Basic Library Sounds

Story Behind the Music
      Ten years separate my the last completed song and A Simple Structure. During that time, I became a Registered Nurse, earned a Bacheclors Degree, got married, have three beautiful born children and one unborn child, and own a home. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunities in my life. However, music felt forgotten during that time.
      In needing to restore my desire to write music, I obtained a Yamaha MM8, a new desktop computer, FL Studio 11, and a USB 2.0 audio interface. I am still in need of a quality microphone. With these acquisitions I wrote some small songs which sounded really horrible. I felt like I was unable to write anything good. However, with a little bit of perserverance I was able to work out a song that sounded acceptable.
      A Simple Structure was an attempt by me to write something that had a simple format (A, B, A), simple cord structure (i, ii, v, vi), simple key signature (A minor), and simple time signature (4/4). It certainly helped in providing an environment that allowed me to learn FL Studio 11 and the new equipment. It was also an environment that provided an ability to write a coherent melody (something that many songs of mine lack) with subsequent solos.
      I am certainly happy with the music because it is a good start. Certainly not the best but it is certainly an accomplishment.